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Remote Participation - Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Participation - Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  How can I participate remotely in the WSIS Forum?

A:   If you are a remote participant, and you just wish to follow the audio and video stream of the session, then you should follow the ITU webcast 

If you wish to participate actively, as a remote delegate, then you should first register as a remote delegate using the registration page.  Once you have done this, you will be able to enter one of the Adobe Connect Rooms which will used to provide coverage of all WSIS Forum Sessions.

Q:  How will I find the correct Adobe Connect room for the session that I wish to attend.

A:   Consult the Webcast and Remote Participation web page and look for the session that you would like to follow.   You can choose to follow the Webcast, or join the Adobe Connect Room.

Q:  Do I need a special account to login to the Connect room?

A:   No.  You can log in as a guest and you will be prompted to enter your name.  Please provide your name in the following format:   John Smith (Organization),  or John Smith (Country).  This will make it possible for other participants, and the Remote Meeting Host to know who you are.

Q:  Do I need to install any special software to participate in an Adobe Connect Room?

A:   No.  However you will need to make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player

Q: Can I test my browser and connection to see if my PC is properly configured?

A:   Yes.  You can run the Adobe Connect test.  Note:  You do not need to install the Connect add-in to join the meeting as a participant.

Q: What will I seen in the Connect Room?

A:  You will have access to the following elements:

  1. a video pod showing a video feed of the conference room and panelists;
  2. the English audio feed streamed through your computer speakers;
  3. a share pod showing all documents and presentations projected in the Conference Room.
  4. a twitter pod showing the WSIS tweets
  5. a variety of polls
  6. chat pod which allows you to communicate with the Connect Meeting Host as well as other participants.
  7. See short video “Inside an an Adobe Connect Meeting Room”

Q:  How do I listen to the audio channel?

A:   Once you are in the Adobe Connect Room, you should hear the audio of the English or floor channels, through your computer speakers.  Please make sure that your computer volume is adjusted properly.

Q:  How do I ask a question to one of the panelists?

A:   There will be time allocated for questions from remote participants.  Please use the raise hand function to indicate that you would like to ask a question.  

Q:  What is the modality for asking questions remotely?


  1. Questions will be received in writing and then relayed to the panel by the Adobe Connect Meeting Host.
  2. We recommend that you prepare your question in advance, using a word processor.  
  1. Keep the question short and to the point.  
  2. Specify your Name, Title, Organization and the Country where you are based.
  3. Indicate the name of the panelist to whom the question should be addressed.
  4. Send a message to the Connect Meeting Host.
  5. Paste the text into the chat window and send.

 The meeting host, will ask  the question,  orally, on your behalf.  

Q:  Can I access a meeting room in advance, to make sure everything is working?

A:  Yes.  We encourage you to do so.  The list of Adobe Connect Rooms will be published on Friday, 13 May

Q:  Will the sessions be recorded.

A:  Yes.  All session will be recorded and available at the end of each day.


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