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September 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

Message from the WSIS Team

Dear WSIS Stakeholders,

Greetings from the WSIS Team! Preparations for the WSIS Forum 2013 have begun, we are happy to inform you that we have launched a dynamic, user friendly and informative WSIS Forum 2013 website, we included all your feedback and suggestions while designing the site. We hope that you enjoy visiting the site. The WSIS Forum 2013 Open Consultation Process will begin on the 8th of October. We invite  you to participate in the Open Consultations. This is your opportunity to shape the agenda of the forum with us! Following the bottom up approach we have designed the process in a way that each WSIS Stakeholder can submit requests for workshops and topics that are at the heart of Information Society issues today.

The WSIS Project Prizes 2013 contest was launched earlier this month, we are happy to note that several exciting and innovative projects have been submitted. We encourage you to submit your projects.

This month, the WSIS Team was present at two WSIS related events. The ICT4All Forum 2012, 17 to 20 September 2012, Tunisia, brought together several ICT stakeholders to discuss, brainstorm, network and exhibit. The Event hosted several parallel sessions including the ICT Regional Development Forum for Arab States on Broadband, Meetings on WSIS follow up in Arab states and Africa, and the North African IGF Meeting. The Liége Expo 2017 International Forum was held from the 19th-21st September in Liége, Belgium. The topic of the International Forum was “Connecting the World, Linking People, Better Living Together”. In this event, government representatives from all over the world were present, private sector displayed some very innovative technologies and academicians shared analysis and research on new topics. We presented a talk on the WSIS Process in the closing ceremony and invited the participants present to contribute to and learn from the Process.

We hope that our presence in these two events will not only expand the WSIS Community but will also lead to new partnerships.

On behalf of the ITU we would like to bring your attention to the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) Special Briefing Session for Civil Society Members. This will be held on the 9 October 2012, from 15h00-16h30 at the ITU Headquarters, Room K, Montbrillant Building, Geneva. The objective of this session is to brief members of the Civil Society on WCIT. The session will provide an overview of the conference, the preparatory process, and some of the main principles and issues being discussed.

Best wishes and stay connected!

World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12)

World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12)


At the request of our membership, ITU will convene the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 3-14 December 2012.

WCIT Special Briefing Session for Civil Society Members

9 October 2012, 15h00-16h30, ITU Headquarters, Room K, Montbrillant Building, Geneva.

Invitation Letter

The objective of this session is to brief members of the Civil Society on WCIT. The session will provide an overview of the conference, the preparatory process, and some of the main principles and issues being discussed. The briefing will be followed by an interactive Q & A Session.

If you are able to join us, please register online at by Friday, 5 October 2012.

Remote Participation will be available on prior request.

For more information please visit

WSIS Forum 2013

Launched: WSIS Forum 2013 Website!

The new WSIS Forum 2013 website has been launched at This website is modern, informative and has a beautiful design. The website has been developed keeping in mind all the feedback and suggestions received. We would like to thank you for you constructive suggestions. The component of testimonials includes testimonials from Ministers, Private Sector, Civil Society organizations and others who have participated in past WSIS Forums. In case you would like to submit your testimonials please write to us at

Partnership Opportunities

Partnership for the WSIS Forum 2013 is now open. For visibility opportunities please contact us at

Open Consultation Process

WSIS Forum 2013 Open Consultation Process on the Thematic Aspects and New Innovative Formats is structured in 5 phases. The first phase will begin on 8 October. The invitation letter will be issued soon!

For more information please visit

WSIS Stocktaking

WSIS Project Prizes 2013

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Project Prizes (WSIS Project Prizes ) is an annual contest which recognizes excellence in the implementation of projects and initiatives which further the WSIS goals of improving connectivity to information and communication technologies (ICTs) in line with the 11 Action Lines laid out in the WSIS outcome documents agreed at the UN World Summit on the Information Society.

The WSIS Project Prizes 2013 ( contest is open to all stakeholders including governments, the private sector, international organizations, civil society, regional and international agencies, research institutions and others. Interested parties are invited to nominate a project by completing the online form at The deadline for submission of project descriptions is 16 December 2012. Don’t miss it!

Official Letter: [AR]  [EN]  [ES]  [FR]  [RU]  [ZH]

Press Release

“The WSIS Project Prizes emphasize the importance of the WSIS Stocktaking Process in the Overall Review of the implementation of the WSIS outcomes,” said ITU Secretary-General Dr Hamadoun I. Touré. “This Stocktaking Process is the key platform that allows the international development community to take stock of WSIS achievements, and to share best practices on a global scale.”

United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) resolution 2012/5 “Assessment of the progress made in the implementation of and follow-up to the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society” reiterates the importance of sharing the best practices at the global level, and while recognizing excellence in the implementation of the projects and initiatives which further the WSIS goals, encourages all stakeholders to nominate their projects to the annual WSIS Project Prizes, as an integral part of the WSIS Stocktaking process, while noting the report on the WSIS Success Stories

For more please refer to the press release and

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United Nations Group on the Information Society


UN Group on the Information Society side event
2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
Sunday, 17 June 2012 – 17h30 to 19h00 - Room P3-6 at RioCentro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The side event “ICTs: the foundation of our sustainable future” looked at specific ICT applications and services that can assist in the transition towards a green economy, focusing on the key role that policies, regulations and international standards, play to allow for the uptake of ICT applications.

For more information please visit

Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development

The 10th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Meeting (WTIM) is being held from 25 to 27 September, 2012, in Bangkok, Thailand. The WTIM is organized by the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The ITU is an active member of the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development and is currently the chair of the Partnership’s Steering Committee. The WTIM will be hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) of Thailand.

ict indicators meeting poster

The WTIM 2012 will address, among others, the following topics:

  • The national coordination of ICT statistics
  • Measuring fixed and mobile broadband, including pricing, traffic and capacity
  • Measuring progress towards the achievement of the WSIS outcomes (jointly organized with the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development)
  • Revisions to the indicators on household ICT access and individual ICT usage
  • Measuring gender-related ICT indicators
  • Emerging issues such as measuring digital broadcasting, including IPTV
  • Results of the work carried out by the EGTI since the 9th WTIM

The WTIM, open to all the membership, is primarily targeted at those responsible for ICT statistics in relevant Ministries, regulatory agencies, telecommunication operating companies and national statistical offices. Experts interested in the subject of information society measurements are also welcome to attend the meeting.

For more information on the WTIM, please visit .

ICT4All Forum 2012

The ICT4All Forum 2012, 17 to 20 September 2012, Tunisia, brought together several ICT stakeholders to discuss, brainstorm, network and exhibit. It was organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, under the high patronage of Mr. Hamadi Jebali, Head of the Tunisian government, and in partnership with ITU, UNCTAD, UNESCO, the African Union, the League of Arab States, the African Development Bank, World Bank, ECA and ESCWA. The Event hosted several parallel sessions including: the ICT Regional Development Forum for Arab States on Broadband; meetings on WSIS follow up in Arab states and Africa; the North African IGF Meeting; workshops/seminars on Internet of Things by Research and Studies Telecommunication Center and ITU; FP7 European Project “PROBE-IT”; Building capacities, actualities and perspectives, by Center of Information, Training, Documentation and Studies in Communications Technologies (CIFODE'COM); Empowering Arab Youth through ICT job opportunities, by The Arab ICT Organization under the Patronage of the League of Arab States and in close cooperation with the Arab Labor Organization.

For more information please visit

e-Agriculture Forum


“Using ICT to enable Agricultural Innovation Systems for smallholders”
17-28 September

ICT can expand communication, cooperation, and ultimately innovation among the wide array of actors in agriculture. This forum builds on Module 6 of the "ICT in Agriculture Sourcebook", and it intends to explore how ICT can improve the concepts and operations discussed in the Agricultural Innovation Systems Sourcebook.

The discussion will explore:

  • What ICT innovations are being used for farmers to access and exchange the information they need, and for service providers to provide information to farmers?
  • What factors make ICT-based advisory services for smallholders sustainable?
  • How does ICT facilitate knowledge generation, documentation, and sharing in support of farmers and of farmer innovations?
  • What evidence exists of smallholders using and/or benefitting from ICT-based advisory services?

These issues as well as others and examples of successful projects will be discussed and brought together in a report used to inform GCARD 2012 and SOFA 2014. The e-Agriculture discussion is open to the participation of everyone.

A group of distinguished experts will join the discussion, including: Laura Drewett, ESOKO, Aparajita Goyal, World Bank,Bruce Kisitu, KIVA Agro Supplies Ltd, Ajit Maru, GFAR, Karin Nichterlein, FAO, Research and Extension Branch, Paul Nyende, AgriNet Uganda Ltd, Enrica Porcari, CGIAR and Saravanan Raj, GFRAS.

Join the discussion starting September 17 at

Global ICT Forum on ICT Human Capacity Development

Global ICT Forum on Human Capacity Development “Transition from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting”. Cape Town, South Africa, 22-25 October 2012

By 17 June 2015, most countries in the world will experience the transition to digital broadcasting. In preparation to this transition, the ICT sector faces many challenges. The ITU Global Forum on Human Capacity Development 2012 will look at the capacity building challenges of transitioning to digital broadcasting and address how these challenges can be met. It addresses the technology development, policy and regulatory imperatives that arise in the light of the significance of the global deadlines from migrating to digital broadcasting.

The event is going to bring together ICT stakeholders to exchange ideas and share experiences on the pressing capacity building challenges they face. The Forum is expected to consist of plenary and training sessions. In particular it brings together executives, decision-makers and managers from national administrations, regulatory authorities, telecom operators and service providers, as well as executive training providers and telecom academies, responsible for human, institutional and organizational capacity building within their organisations.

hcb ict forum poster

For more information please visit

ITU Tech Needs Girls Campaign

tech needs girl poster

Marking the UN’s first ever International Day of the Girl this year, ITU will be launching the Tech Needs Girls prize on 11 October. This important new prize aims to spark the creativity of girls in the 9 to 18 year old bracket, inspiring them to embrace technology. The prize, which will be awarded next April 25 on our annual ‘Girls in ICT Day’, will be much more than a one-off recognition for the winners. It will be a journey highlighting the enormous untapped potential that exists for the ICT sector. Stay tuned for more details…

ICTs to Link Generations and Communities

On 21st September 2012, delegates from European and African countries met at the occasion of two roundtables to discuss the meaningful use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

During the first roundtable, titled ‘The Knowledge Volunteers, Partnership for Lifelong Learning’, participants looked at how volunteers can help link generations in the field of technologies. After an introduction by Intel, ITU and speakers from Geneva, the event focused on specific examples of inter-generational collaboration and learning as it is developed in Romania, Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, the UK and the Czech Republic. Conclusion: there is no age limit to start learning how to use a computer! But also, youngsters, who often have grown up and into the use of technology can be of great help to generations plus. The partnership is not only useful in the area of technology but also for the understanding of citizens of different ages more generally speaking.

 Speakers of the second roundtable -- which focused on the use of ICTs for Africa -- presented specific results stemming from technology use in rural areas of Senegal, Mali and Uganda, more specifically in the fields of agriculture and health. Speakers, both physically present at the International Conference Center of Geneva and others calling in from Senegal, Uganda, Canada (Mali) and Italy, shared their experiences and good practices. At the heart of the discussion was the inclusion of oral communities trough a multimedia approach, tackling issues such as organic farming, health problems due to the unprotected use of pesticides and more. WSIS Stocktaking work done by ITU was also discussed. The roundtable ended with a discussion about the ingredients needed to build successful partnerships for development-related ICT projects.

The events were organized by ICVolunteers, an international non-profit organization, with the support of partners from the Lifelong Learning project and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF).

For more information please visit and

ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference 2013

“Building Sustainable Communities”, Kyoto, Japan, 22-24 April 2013

24 September 2012 was the submission deadline of the Call for Papers discussing ICT’s role as an essential tool in “Building Sustainable Communities”. Kaleidoscope 2013 will be held at Kyoto University, Japan, 22-24 April, and a prize fund totalling $10,000 will be awarded to the three best papers, which will also be considered for publication in a special edition of IEEE Communications Magazine.

itu kaleidoscope academic conference 2013 poster

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WSIS Snapshot

icon WSIS+10 Review Meeting

Multistakeholder Event: Towards Knowledge Societies, for Peace and Sustainable Development

The open consultations on themes, format and the process leading to the 2013 WSIS+10 review event is currently taking place at the WSIS Knowledge Communities (WSIS KC -

WSIS Stakeholders are invited to participate in the ongoing dialogue and contribute to the Open Consultation Process on the WSIS Knowledge Community:

icon WSIS Forum 2013

icon WSIS Project Prizes

icon WSIS Stocktaking Database

Call for Update and New Entries 2012!

The Report will be released at the WSIS Forum 2013

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Global Repository

Recently submitted publications:

WSIS Stocktaking Success Stories 2012

WSIS Stocktaking Report 2012

Outcome document of WSIS Forum 2012

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We encourage you to submit upcoming reports to the global repository


Global Events Calendar

12th Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR12), 2-4 October 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka

ITU Telecom World 2012, 14-18 October 2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

10th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Meeting, 25-27 September 2012, Bangkok, Thailand

Experts Group Meeting on "M-Health: Towards Better Care, Cure and Prevention in Europe", 25-26 September 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

This meeting is an integral part of the European Regional Initiatives on “ICT applications, including e-health” adopted by the ITU Resolution 17 (WTDC-10, Hyderabad).

The main aim of this meeting it is to share, amongst European administrations, the best practices in the implementation of ICT applications, including e-health, while addressing an urgent need to focus on challenges (policy, regulatory, technical and business related) arising from a rapid growth of the mobile health services.

During this meeting, the countries and experts will share their experiences the following areas:
•  Strategies and policies fostering development of the m-health services
•  Policy and regulatory frameworks for m-health
•  Business models fostering m-health development
•  Technical challenges

This meeting shall address the management and engineering staff of the regulators, telecommunication ministries, state agencies, operators, research labs etc. All presentations and discussions will pave a way towards elaboration of a report and repository of best practices.

We encourage you to send your upcoming events to


WSIS Fund in Trust

WSIS Fund in Trust

Call for Contributions 2012-2013

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