WSIS High-Level Event

WSIS+10 High-Level Event: Open Consultation Process

Special Issue: November 2013, Geneva, Switzerland

Documents for Comments: Zero Drafts with Consolidated Texts for Chapter C of the WSIS+10 Vision for WSIS beyond 2015
Deadline: 17 November 2013

WSIS Stakeholders are invited to make comments on the Zero Drafts of the WSIS+10 Statement on the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes and the WSIS+10 Vision for WSIS Beyond 2015. The deadline for submitting the documents to the WSIS Secretariat at is 17 November 2013 (non-extendable).

These documents, including the structure and format, have been developed following the outcome of the First Physical Meeting. Please note that the documents have been developed keeping in mind some basic principles available here.

The documents for comments are available below as well as on the Multistakeholder Preparatory Platform. The comments received from WSIS Stakeholders on the documents will also be available on this page.

Zero Draft: WSIS+10 Statement on the Implementation of WSIS Outcomes.

Title Document Number
A. Preamble S1/A
B. Overview of the implementation of Action Lines S1/B
C. Challenges-during implementation of action lines and new challenges that have emerged S1/C

Zero Draft: WSIS+10 Vision for WSIS beyond 2015.

Title Document Number
Preamble V1/A
Priority areas to be addressed in the implementation of WSIS Beyond 2015 V1/B
C1. The role of public governance authorities and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development V1/C/ALC1
C2. Information and communication infrastructure V1/C/ALC2
C3. Access to information and knowledge V1/C/ALC3
C4. Capacity building V1/C/ALC4
C5. Building confidence and security in the use of ICTs V1/C/ALC5
C6. Enabling environment V1/C/ALC6
C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life    
E-government V1/C/ALC7/E-Government
E-business V1/C/ALC7/E-Business
E-learning V1/C/ALC7/E-Learning
E-health V1/C/ALC7/E-Health
E-employment V1/C/ALC7/E-Employment
E-environment V1/C/ALC7/E-Environment
E-agriculture V1/C/ALC7/E-Agriculture
E-science V1/C/ALC7/E-Science
C8. Cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content V1/C/ALC8
C9. Media V1/C/ALC9
C10. Ethical dimensions of the Information Society V1/C/ALC10
C11. International and regional cooperation V1/C/ALC11
Other issues not covered by Action Lines above [, if any] V1/D
[Accountability and] Measurement of the WSIS Action Lines beyond 2015, targets and Indicators for an open and inclusive information/knowledge society for all beyond 2015 V1/E

Open Consultation Process

Open Consultation Process

Phase Three

Second Physical Meeting, 16-18 December 2013, Room Popov, ITU Headquarters, Geneva

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WSIS+10 High-Level Event

WSIS+10 High-Level Event

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