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November 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

Message from the WSIS Team

Dear WSIS Stakeholders,

The WSIS Flash continues to provide you with news and information from all WSIS process partners and stakeholders. We would like to encourage you to send us more information to share with the wider global WSIS Stakeholder community.

The preparatory process of the WSIS Forum 2012 has begun and the First Physical meeting of the Open Consultations on the Thematic Aspects and Innovations of the Format was held on the 30th of November. We thank all who participated onsite and remotely in the meeting. Meeting documents and presentations will be made available on the WSIS Forum 2012 website.

In recent times, the role of ICT applications in the area of health has become increasingly important, several Stakeholders have shared amazing lifesaving stories of ICT interventions in health. We are proud to announce that the Guest editor for this months' flash is Dr Joan Dzenowagis from the World Health Organization. Dr Dzenowagis is the focal point for the Action Line C7, eHealth.

Happy reading and knowledge sharing!


Guest Editor: WHO - Focal Point for Action Line C7, eHealth

The World Summit on the Information Society highlighted the role of health as a driver, as well as a beneficiary, of ICTs. As the WHO Global Observatory for eHealth surveys document, the use of eHealth continues to grow: ICTs are helping to improve health services, not just in wealthier countries but also in developing country settings. The Observatory's reports in 2011 on Telemedicine and mHealth highlighted the increasing activity as well as the barriers to uptake of eHealth in countries.

Last month, ITU Telecom World 2011 provided a special opportunity to demonstrate the potential of low-cost, high-impact eHealth programmes in different parts of the World. The joint WHO-ITU pavilion served as the hub for eHealth at Telecom, with an applications showcase and a space for presentation and debate. During the Forum session on "Smarter Lives", WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan discussed the role of ICT in meeting some of the emerging issues in global health. Among these issues are the increase in the number of people living longer and, in parallel, the rise of noncommunicable diseases, which must be carefully managed to keep people active and independent as they age. ICTs can contribute to safety, security and quality of life through the use of simple and affordable technologies. Yet further innovation is critical to ensure that these technologies are effective, appropriate, reliable and affordable in all contexts.

The WSIS process made it clear that the contribution of all stakeholders is needed to make the most of ICTs, and to ensure that they benefit all of society. This holds true for health, where stakeholder consultation is essential to understanding people's priorities, needs and capabilities. We look forward to continued engagement and progress in reaching the WSIS goals, to advance the health of people everywhere.

Dr Joan Dzenowagis, eHealth, WHO

WSIS Forum

WSIS Forum 2012 is scheduled to be held from 14th-18th May 2012 at ILO, Geneva, Switzerland.

Open Consultations for WSIS Forum 2012 are planned as follows:

• 11 October 2011 - Launch of the Open Consultations
    • Official Submissions Online Form
    • Official Submissions Word FormwordLogo
    • Online Dialogues on the WSIS Knowledge Communities

• November 2011 - First Physical Meeting

• 15 January 2012 - Closing of the Online Discussion

• 20 January 2012 - Deadline for Official Submissions

• 15 February 2012 - Final Review Meeting

• April 2012 - Final Briefing on the WSIS Forum 2012

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WSIS Stocktaking

More than 5285 entries in the database

More than 2801 members are part of WSIS Stocktaking Platform. Join us!

WSIS Stocktaking: Call for Update and New Entries, 2011 - 2012

The principal role of the WSIS Stocktaking exercise is to leverage the activities of stakeholders working on the implementation of WSIS outcomes and share knowledge and experiences of projects by replicating successful models. All WSIS stakeholders are invited to update their entries and to add new information to the public database ( Information submitted to the public database will be reflected in the WSIS Stocktaking Report 2012 which will be officially launched during the WSIS Forum 2012 and submitted to the 15th Session of CSTD. We look forward to receiving your responses and any other associated documentation by 15 January 2012.

To download the WSIS Stocktaking questionnaire, please click here

We encourage you to submit the entries through the online questionnaire.

Please find below some of the projects submitted in November 2011:

 • Jordan, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT), Jordan -National Broadband Network (Project 1321345907)
 • Stop TB Partnership - Public private partnership uses mobile phone technology and financial incentives to dramatically increase case detection, Indus, Pakistan (Project 1321280105)
 • ITU Young Innovators Competition - Micro Virtual Volunteering new Social Network (Project 1320485106)
 • Sierra Leone: B-Gifted Foundation of Sierra Leone-Digital Hope (Project 1321194607)
 • Egypt: The digital bridges foundation-Information Society (Project 1321080294)
 • Ukraine: Odessa national academy of telecommunications n.a. A.S. Popov-System for restricting access to inappropriate Internet content (Project 1321080294)
 • Global Media Monitoring Project / World Association for Christian Communication-Global research to monitor gender indicators in news media (Project 1320701823)
 • Russian Federation: Russian Association for Film and Media Education-Russian Association for Film and Media Education Portal (Project 1318570485)

The WSIS Stocktaking online platform provides all stakeholders with an opportunity to showcase their success stories, search for partners and funding opportunities, exchange experiences and network amongst each other. In addition, all stakeholders can benefit from the Global Events Calendar, Global Repository, WSIS Lab, Online Forums and Blogs by using the Web 2.0 WSIS Stocktaking online platform

Online forum: Discussion on the Micro- Volunteering Social Network, at We encourage you to provide the input!

The embeddable interface of WSIS Stocktaking is also possible to find on the e-agriculture platform and UNDESA website.

If you would like to have the embeddable interface on your website, please kindly send us the request to

Be part of WSIS Project Prizes 2012!

Phase 1: Submission of project descriptions

Deadline 20 January 2012: Online Submission Form

Nominate your project now at

Detailed information about the contest of WSIS project Prizes 2012 is presented here.

Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development

The next World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators meeting will take place from 7-9 December, 2011, in Port Louis, Mauritius. The Meeting is organized by the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and hosted by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) of Mauritius. More Information

In October 2011, during the Broadband Leadership Summit, the Broadband Commission, issued 4 broadband targets to world leaders, top policy-makers, industry leaders, users and consumers. For more information on the 4 targets for making broadband policy universal and for boosting affordability and broadband uptake. More information

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United Nations Group on the Information Society

UNGIS Joint Initiative for the year 2010-2011

Mobile for Development: the objective of this initiative is to identify key policy initiatives and add value to the existing programmes and projects by facilitating synergies and joint efforts in order to maximize coordinated action, coherence and effectiveness towards implementing successful Mobile for Development Projects.

Open Access to Scientific Knowledge: the objective of this initiative is to promote with all agencies interested that public financed research data across UNGIS' organizations mandates will be made accessible free of charge.

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP) reviews: the purpose of the STIP Review is to help the Government ensure that its science, technology and innovation programmes become an instrument for supporting relevant components of the national development agenda.

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M-Government: Mobile Technologies for Responsive Governments and Connected Societies (ITU, OECD 2011)

This report aims to foster a better understanding of how to leverage the economic and social impacts of the use of mobile technologies and applications to enable ubiquitous governments, sustain public sector innovation and transform public service delivery. The report is a joint-product of the collaboration between the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).

For more information please visit

ITU's Regional Workshop on "Policy Advocacy & Capacity Building in Child Online Protection for the Arab Region"

ITU's workshop on Child Online Protection for the Arab Region was successfully held in Muscat, Oman, from 30 to 31st October 2011, at the kind invitation of Information Technology Authority (ITA) represented by Oman National CERT. The workshop focused on the following main themes(ITU's GCA/COP Strategic Pillars): Legal Measures, Technical and Procedural Measure, Organizational Structure, Capacity Building and International Cooperation). All participants and speakers considered the workshop as a good opportunity to discuss about the challenges, opportunities and the best practices regarding the Child Online Protection in the region. The Recommendations, discussed and agreed at the workshop, will be available on the ITU's COP Website soon(


Mobile Information Services

The Benefits of Forming Strong Partnerships to Create Sustainable and Scalable Information Advisory Services. 21 November - 2 December 2011.

The mFarmer Initiative, a partnership between GSMA, USAID and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was set up to support mobile operators and agricultural partners in launching mobile information services that benefit farmers and are commercially viable. It is one of several GSMA programmes that identify opportunities in emerging markets for social, economic and environmental impact through mobile services.

This upcoming forum will provide a platform to initiate discussion around the types of partnerships that are conducive to creating sustainable and scalable mobile information and advisory services for farmers. The forum will focus on the different roles of each partner, namely mobile network operators and agricultural organisations, and the assets that each bring to the partnership.

Subject matter experts confirmed for the forum include: S. Srinivasan, CEO of IKSL; Sharbendu Banerjee, Director of Business Development for CABI South Asia-India; Collins Nweke, Project Manager at Tigo Tanzania; Fiona Smith, Director of GSMA mAgri Programme; Hillary Miller-Wise, TechnoServe Tanzania and Judy Payne, ICT advisor USAID. See for more details.

Challenges and Opportunities For Capturing Impact In ICT Initiatives In Agriculture

Katalyst and e-Agriculture concluded an online forum in October to discuss the challenges of linking impact with the use of ICTs in agriculture. It was clear to all that communicating credible results in ICT4D projects is as important as achieving them!

The forum participants concluded that ICT will only become an effective and mainstream tool for poverty reduction and sustainable development if the proponents of ICT for development can provide more rigorous evidence, strategies, benchmarks, indicators, and promising practices that are directly relevant to the core poverty-reduction and development priorities of developing countries and their international partners. In order to achieve this, a few methodological and operational aspects will need to be considered. Read more about this in the forum and its summary Policy Brief.

For more information please visit

ITU Launches Girls In ICT Portal

A new one-stop shop for training, scholarship and job opportunities designed to inspire girls and young women to choose a career in technology.

ITU has launched a new multilingual web portal focused on helping girls and women access training, job opportunities and career information in the fast-growing information and communication (ICT) sector.

Designed to help girls and young women aged 11-25 prepare for and pursue a technology career, the portal includes over 100 scholarship programmes, some 100 training and internship opportunities, nearly 100 online networks offering career support and mentoring, as well as tech camps and Girls in ICT Day activities. It also includes a link to a Girls in ICT Toolkit, developed by ITU partner WITNET (the Global Network of Women ICT Decision Makers).

Why is it important to encourage more women and girls into the ICT sector? One of the best reasons is that there are job opportunities in the ICT sector! The sector is marked by a pressing need for a wide range of ICT talents. This means that highly qualified women in technical fields have significant opportunities available to them. Between Brazil, Europe and the United States, there is a predicted skills gap for some 1.7 million ICT jobs in the coming years. In short, the ICT sector needs new talent! This is because not enough students are preparing themselves for studies in math, engineering, computing, and sciences. Compounding this problem, the number of female technical students is disproportionately low.

ITU members recently voted to make 'Women and Girls in ICT' the theme of its upcoming World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, which will be celebrated on 16 May 2012. At its 2010 Plenipotentiary Conference, ITU also endorsed the celebration of an annual global Girls in ICT Day, which will be held next year on 26 April. Governments, private industry, UN agencies and NGOs are encouraged to invite girls and university students to spend the day at their offices, or organize 'shadowing' programmes with female mentors, so that they gain a better understanding of the opportunities offered by the ICT sector.

Global Repository

Recently submitted publications:

Broadband Commission Report: A platform To Progress, executive summary

Broadband Commission Report: A platform to progress

WSIS Stocktaking Success Stories 2011

Mobile Africa Report 2011

Measuring the Information Society 2011

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eAsia 2011,1-3 December 2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh

eIndia 2011 Conference,15-17 December 2011,India

9th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Meeting, Mauritius, 7-9 December 2011

Kaleidoscope 2011,12-14 December 2011, Cape Town, South Africa

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"Freedom of opinion and freedom of expression are cardinal both to Civil Society and to the Information Society. CoNGO and its members promote and defend these fundamental principles throughout the WSIS Process."

Cyril Ritchie, President of CoNGO 2011-2014

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Video Volunteers Announces 'IndiaUnheard' - The World's First Community News Service: Making Change By Bringing Untold Stories from the Farthest Villages of India to Impact a Global Audience.

A network of people from slums and villages in India who have been trained to make video news reports on corruption, human rights, health, sanitation and other issues, IndiaUnheard is making an impact in these villages and across the globe. "Community Correspondents report on human rights violations they live through, and this gives their videos new perspective and power." The work has inspired thousands of poor people to organize and take actions.

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