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March 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

WSIS Forum 2017: Open Consultation Process

WSIS Forum 2017

Phase V: Final review meeting

The final review meeting of the Open Consultation Process will be held on Tuesday 14 March 2017, 15:00–18:00 in Room A at the ITU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland. Remote participation facilities will be available for this meeting.

Registration for On-site paricipation is available here.

The agenda for the meeting is available here.

Interactive Remote Participation information: Remote Participation

For additional Information please visit: Open Consultation Phase V

Official Submissions to the WSIS Forum 2017 Open Consultation process

The Agenda and Program of the WSIS Forum 2017 is being designed in collaboration with the multi-stakeholders on the basis of official submissions received during the Open Consultation Process on the thematic aspects and innovations of the format of the WSIS Forum 2017. The process began in September 2016 and is structured in six phases that include online submissions and physical meetings. All related information can be found here.

The ITU-WSIS Secretariat received more than 160 submissions containing proposals on the thematic aspects and innovations on the format of the WSIS Forum 2017, including binding requests for partnerships, workshops, exhibition spaces and so on. The preliminary results will be available here

Request for High-Level Speaking Slot

Policy Statements will be delivered during the High-Level Track (13-14 June 2017) of the WSIS Forum 2017 by high-ranking officials of the WSIS Stakeholder community, representing the Government, Private Sector, Civil Society, Academia and International Organizations. The high-level track will consist of the opening segment, interactive policy dialogues, ministerial round table, and a high-level networking programme. Policy statement sessions will be moderated by high-level track facilitators and will be grouped around different themes identified as important by the WSIS Stakeholders during the open consultation process.

High-level representatives of Government, Private Sector, Civil Society, Academia and International Organization are invited to register for a speaking slot for their high-level officials by completing the speaking slot request form available here.

High level Track Facilitators (HLTF)

The HLTFs will facilitate the High-level Policy Sessions on the13th and 14th of June as part of the High level Track of the WSIS Forum 2017. Major Stakeholder Coordination Mechanisms following the WSIS Process were invited to identify and nominate HLTFs for the WSIS Forum 2017. Each stakeholder type was invited to launch an Open Call to identify HLTFs to represent their respective communities. The names of the nominated representatives have been submitted to the WSIS Secretariat and will be announced soon on the WSIS Forum 2017 website.

For additional Information please visit: WSIS Forum 2017

WSIS Prizes

WSIS Prizes 2017

Another record year: 476 projects submitted for WSIS Prizes 2017!

On 1 March, we reached the deadline for submitting ICT-related best practices advancing development to the WSIS Prizes 2017 contest with the record high number submissions. Congratulations to all WSIS stakeholders for the continuously growing interest from multistakeholder community, including governemnts, civil society, private sector and academia, in one of the largest ICT stocktaking activities awarding the most recognized projects from around the world.

We would like to kindly ask you to continue following the WSIS Prizes 2017 contest in order to learn which of the 476 submitted projects were nominated for the Online Voting Phase that is planned to start on 16 March 2017 and will last for one month. All nominated projects will be listed on the WSIS Prizes 2017 website on 16 March.

We also advise those who have submitted their projects for this year’s contest, to start preparing campaigns for the online voting phase within your networks and communities.

For more informaiton on the nomination criteria and the online voting phase, please explore the Rules and Guidelines segment on the WSIS Prizes 2017 website.

WSIS Prizes WSIS Prizes

For additional Information please visit: WSIS Prizes

WSIS Stocktaking

WSIS Forum 2017

It is our sincere pleasure to provide you with the newly developed product of the WSIS Stocktaking process, the WSIS Stocktaking embeddable interface, and to invite you to take part in this unique opportunity towards evidence based policy making. This product is free of charge and we encourage you to use it and promote it within your community and networks.

Find the necessary information at Important note: for any use of this product, please email your confirmation to for coordination follow-up activities.

Your websites’ visitors will be able to:

  • VIEW submitted entries (ICT projects) in real time,

  • SEARCH for particular ICT project by WSIS Action Line or SDG or region at the WSIS Stocktaking database,

  • SUBMIT ICT-related projects to the WSIS Stocktaking platform, including the WSIS Prizes 2017 contest.

If you have a database of ICT-related projects and would like to have it uploaded on the WSIS Stocktaking platform, moreover, running for the WSIS Prizes 2017 contests, we would like to kindly suggest that someone from your team input the data for the WSIS Prizes 2017 contest on behalf of the entities who are running the projects.

Embeddable Interface

WSIS Stocktaking is a unique global process for collection of information on actions carried out in context of the World Summit on the Information Society, while underlining their contribution to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals. WSIS Overall Review in December 2015 called for close alignment between the WSIS process and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, highlighting the cross-cutting contribution of ICTs to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The WSIS Stocktaking database, currently with 8,000 plus entries and a growing community of 200,000 stakeholders, is a unique global tool for collecting information and regular reporting on ICT related initiatives and projects, carried out by governments, international organizations, the business sector, civil society, academia and other entities, in the context of 11 WSIS Action Lines.

For additional Information please visit: WSIS Stocktaking

Innovation: Special Tracks of WSIS Forum

WSIS Forum 2017

Hackathon on ICTs for SDGs

As a continuation of the discussions initiated at the 2016 WSIS Forum, a Hackathon on ICTs for SDGs focusing on E-health will be held at the WSIS Forum 2017. We invite all interested coders to participate in the Hackathon.

Hackathon Goal / Purpose

  • Address and support global health solutions focused on middle-to lower income countries

    • Address common environmental issues that impact health and wellness

    • Provide information and education to address health awareness

    • Encourage positive behavior change that optimizes health and wellness

  • Develop actionable technology-enabled solutions

Hackathon Recruitment Criteria

  • The WSIS Hack for Health is open to individuals pursuing an undergraduate or a post-graduate degrees with specific emphasis on health, science, computer science, design, engineering, ICT and other related fields.

  • Teams should consist of a minimum of three people and maximum of seven people.

  • Teams should promote gender equality.

  • As possible, the teams should encompass both technical and functional competencies.

  • Age 18–35

For additional Information please visit:

Virtual Reality for SDGs

Pursuing a first partnership in 2016, WSIS and World VR Forum join forces to be at the forefront of Virtual Reality for advancing development. A shiny new Virtual Reality Track will held at the WSIS Forum 2017 bringing together high-level personalities, world class VR experience and a very special focus on education.

TEDxGeneva at WSIS Forum 2017

After a successful debut at WSIS Forum 2016 we are pleased to announce that TEDx Geneva will continue to partner with ITU, hosting another event during the WSIS Forum 2017.

Further details will be available soon.

Photo Contest

WSIS Forum 2017

Theme: Information and Knowledge Societies for achieving the SDGs

WSIS Photo Contest 2017

WSIS is inviting you to picture how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs ) are playing an enabling role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Participate in building a collage of ICT for Sustainable Development photographs from around the world.

Join the First Ever WSIS Forum Photo Contest

Send photos of your projects, people, and organizations that are leveraging the power of ICTs to make difference. The contest runs from 2 March to 2 May 2017. The three winning entries in the WSIS photo contest will be awarded and presented at the Forum. Learn more


For additional Information please visit: Photo Contest

ITU Telecom World 2017

ITU Telecom World 2017

ITU Telecom World 2017

ITU Telecom World 2017 25-28 September, Busan, Republic of Korea

Growing the digital economy means growing social and economic development for us all. And fostering creative tech innovation and SME growth are crucial ways to help it flourish. Join us at ITU Telecom World 2017, to exhibit, network and debate with the key players from the world’s digital economy. Choose from a host of different Exhibition options to best meet your needs and budget- book space before 15 February and save! Why not put your message, brand and ideas at the heart of our event with one of our many sponsorship options? We are currently looking for expert speakers and international insights on tech trends- find out more on how you can nominate a speaker today. Join us in Busan this September, get a global view on the future of tech, and help accelerate ICT innovation to make the world better, sooner!

For additional Information please visit:

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