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June 2013, Geneva, Switzerland

Message from the WSIS Team

Dear WSIS Stakeholders,

We would like to thank you for your dedication and commitment towards the WSIS Forum 2013. Continuing our outcome oriented approach, we are happy to inform you that the Forum resulted in several multiskakeholder recommendations, collaborations, partnerships and concrete proposals captured in the following documents:

The Forum also provided several opportunities for multistakeholder discussions and proposals on WSIS+10, WSIS Beyond 2015. This included two plenary sessions, two days of WSIS+10 Visioning Challenge in the format of a World Café, a Ministerial round table, and a WSIS+10 Visioning Gala Dinner. During the Forum a Statement on WSIS+10 Visioning was released. Please refer to the WSIS+10 Visioning Challenge document for further details.

The WSIS+10 High-Level Event, an extended version of the WSIS Forum 2014, will be held from the 13-17 April 2014 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. The open and inclusive multistakeholder preparatory process will be launched soon, and we look forward to your continued participation and support towards the WSIS Process.

Best Wishes,

WSIS Forum 2013

WSIS Forum 2013 was held from the 13-17 May 2013 at the ITU Headquarters in Geneva. This year the Forum attracted more than 1800 WSIS Stakeholders from more than 140 countries. Several high-level representatives of the wider WSIS Stakeholder community graced the Forum with more than 60 ministers and deputies, several ambassadors, CEOs and Civil Society leaders contributing passionately towards the programme of the Forum. On–site participation increased tremendously during the WSIS Forum 2013. Several remote participants joined the forum through remote participation facilities.

WSIS Forum 2013 Outcome Document

More than 150 sessions were held during the WSIS Forum 2013 in the form of high level dialogues, thematic and country workshops, showcasing theatres, ministerial round table, WSIS+10 Visioning Track, World Café style workshops, interactive sessions and action line facilitating sessions. This provided a vibrant atmosphere for facilitation and exchange on a multistakeholder vision of the WSIS Process. An exhibition space provided the perfect atmosphere to network, learn and share.

wsis forum 2013 outcome document

The commitment and dedication of the WSIS Stakeholders was evident from the outcomes submitted by the session organizers. The outcomes of the WSIS Forum 2013 will be submitted to the Commission on Science and Technology (CSTD), the UN General Assembly and ITU Council.

The outcomes of the sessions are available here.

Identifying Emerging Trends and a Vision Beyond 2015 booklet

Since 2009, the WSIS forum has proven to be a unique platform for multistakeholder brainstorming and consensus on emerging trends in the area of Information Society. This booklet captures emerging trends in the 11 WSIS Action lines, both in terms of policy and technology, discussed by stakeholders during WSIS Forum 2013. The trends identified during the Forum, provide the WSIS Community with guidance and a vision for the way beyond 2015, WSIS+10, related activities.

emerging trends booklet

 • Identifying Emerging Trends and a Vision Beyond 2015 booklet

Statement on the WSIS+10 Visioning and WSIS+10 Visioning Challenge document

The annual gathering of WSIS Stakeholders at the WSIS Forum, co-organised by ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD and UNDP, provided the perfect opportunity for multistakeholder visioning and discussion on the WSIS process including the Overall Review of the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes (WSIS+10). The presence of so many leaders here in Geneva, including over 50 ministers, was a sign, both of stakeholders’ commitment to the WSIS Process and of the important role ICTs will continue to play in tomorrow’s development agenda. During the Forum a Statement on WSIS+10  Visioning was released

WSIS+10 related sessions formed the WSIS+10 Visioning Track that was organized in accordance to the Plan of Action developed within the framework of the United Nations on the Information Society (UNGIS) Open Consultation Process on WSIS+10 (2011-2012,

WSIS+10 Visioning Challenge Document

 • Statement on the WSIS+10 Visioning
 • WSIS+10 Visioning Challenge Document

For further information please visit the Forum Website

WSIS Stocktaking

WSIS Project Prizes 2013

Winners of WSIS Project Prizes 2013 awarded!


18 winners of the WSIS Project Prizes 2013 were awarded at the Prize Ceremony held during the WSIS Forum 2013 in Geneva on 13 May 2013. The winners representing governments, private sector, academia and civil society were recognized at the international event for their outstanding efforts and achievements in the implementation of the WSIS outcomes. Descriptions of all the winning projects are reflected in the publication WSIS Success Stories 2013. This year, the contest of WSIS Project Prizes received more than 280 project entries, and the contest highlighted multi-stakeholder nature.

  prize winners

The WSIS Forum 2013 and its new innovative component, the Showcasing Theatre, served as platform for the winners to promote their projects at international level, share knowledge and experience, and learn about other existing best practices and models.

WSIS Project Prizes 2013

Interviews, photos and press clippings are available at

Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development

The Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development is actively involved in the WSIS+10 review process and has taken the lead role in monitoring progress towards the achievements of the WSIS Targets. The Partnership is preparing a final quantitative assessment report, which will analyze and discuss the achievements made on each one of the ten WSIS targets. The report will be based on available data for the 49 indicators identified in the Partnership’s 2011 Measuring the WSIS Targets: a statistical framework document. The report will be launched at the WSIS+10 high-level meeting on the overall review of the WSIS, to take place in April 2014. In July 2013, the Partnership, through the UN Regional Commissions, the OECD and UNCTAD, will send out the WSIS Targets questionnaire to WSIS focal points in all countries to collect data for the indicators identified to track the WSIS Targets. The results of this questionnaire will be used as an input to the final 2014 WSIS assessment report and all countries are encouraged to respond to this questionnaire. This survey will be the last opportunity to contribute data to the final assessment report.

For more information, and to access the WSIS Targets questionnaire please visit

United Nations Group on the Information Society

UNGIS Joint Statement: A collective contribution by 30 UN Agencies (UNGIS Members) to the dialogue on the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

In keeping with its mandate to promote policy coherence and programme coordination in the UN system, as well as provide guidance on issues related to information and communications technologies (ICTs) in support of internationally agreed development goals, the 30 members of the UN Group on the Information Society (UNGIS) will respectfully submit a joint statement to the UN Secretary General and the UN Task Team. The statement is a collective contribution to the dialogue on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, a unified effort to harness inter-agency expertise and experience to support deliberations on Post-2015 priorities, and a united commitment to a UN community poised to address development challenges in the 21st century.

UNGIS Joint Statement

For information on UNGIS please visit

WSIS+10 High Level Event

The WSIS+10 High-Level Event, an extended version of the WSIS Forum 2014, will be held from the 13 - 17 April 2014 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. The open and inclusive multistakeholder preparatory process will be launched soon, and we look forward to your continued participation and support towards the WSIS Process.

Fifth World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum

The Fifth World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum was held in Geneva, Switzerland, in May 2013, for a duration of 3 days and looked at International Internet-related public policy matters. The themes of the conference were based on a report prepared by ITU's Secretary-General, including input from any conference, assembly or meeting of the Union, and on contributions from Member States and Sector Members.

Press Release


For more information on WTPF, please visit

United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development

The sixteenth session of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) convened for 5 days at the Palais des Nations, Geneva from the 3 to 7 June 2013. The commission addressed two of its priority themes: Science, technology and innovation for sustainable cities and peri-urban communities; Internet broadband for an inclusive digital society. The commission also reviewed the progress made in the implementation of the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society.


For more information on CSTD, please visit

New global consultation on ICTs, disabilities and development

On Monday 23 September 2013, the UN General Assembly will hold a meeting in New York at the level of Heads of States to define the future global roadmap to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all development efforts.

To contribute to a successful outcome, ITU, UNESCO, G3ICT, IDA,, the Broadband Commission and Microsoft have launched a global consultation to capture recommendations from all stakeholders on the contribution of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to achieve the autonomous participation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of society.


This consultation is a unique opportunity for all of us to share our experiences, views, and recommendations with global policy makers at a time when the future development framework is being shaped. Be part of it and answer the online survey before 17 June 2013 at

ITU Telecom World 2013 Young Innovators Competition

young innovators competition

Less than three weeks remain for young social technopreneurs to submit applications to the ITU Telecom World 2013 Young Innovators Competition, that seeks innovative ICT-based solutions to six Global Challenges, from improving employment opportunities of migrant workers to inspiring the creation of local digital content. Ten winning finalists will be invited to ITU Telecom World 2013 in Bangkok, 19-22 November 2013 and take part in workshops, pitching sessions, mentoring and networking, in addition to receiving up to USD 10,000 prize money to further develop their project. The deadline is 30 June 2013, further details can be found here.

young innovators competition

WSIS Fund in Trust

WSIS Fund in Trust

WSIS Fund in Trust

Call for Contributions 2012-2013

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Global Events Calendar

Global Symposium for Regulators 2013

The 13th GSR will take place in Warsaw, Poland, from 3 to 5 July 2013. It will be preceded by one day of pre-events on 2nd July 2013.


Under the overarching theme of “4th Generation regulation: driving digital communications ahead“ participants will examine the transformational nature of communications and the evolution to 4th generation ICT regulation in a connected society led by the changing nature of the communications ecosystem, changing market dynamics and traffic patterns, and changing regulatory practices and roles.

Global Youth Summit: BYND 2015

Costa Rica, 9-11 September 2013

BYND 2015

A platform for young people to ensure their inclusion in the most important decisions of the 21st Century. The Global Youth Summit: BYND 2015 will assemble young people from all corners of the globe with a view to highlighting their priorities and capturing their combined voice in crucial national and international policy and decision making processes.

We encourage you to send your upcoming events to


Global Repository

More than 109 WSIS related publications!

Recently submitted publications:

WSIS Stocktaking Report 2013

stocktaking report

WSIS Stocktaking Success Stories 2013

success stories 2013

WSIS Forum 2013 Outcome Document

wsis forum 2013 outcome document

WSIS+10 Visioning Challenge Document

WSIS+10 Visioning Challenge Document

National Case Study for Costa Rica on Child Online Protection

Costa Rica COP Case Study

Within the framework of the COP Initiative, ITU recently released the National Case Study for Costa Rica on Child Online Protection. The aim of the National Case Study of Costa Rica is to provide an example of best practices and to showcase how a comprehensive and holistic strategy at the national level can leverage children's awareness of how to behave safely online. The National Case Study also collects information in various related areas including Costa Rica’s economy and political system, the ICT habits of young people, the level of fixed line Internet penetration, and data on the availability of mobile Internet access and usage. I trust that the political commitment of Costa Rica and the invaluable work developed at the national level will inspire many other leaders, experts, private companies, civil society, to continue to fulfill the dream of making cyberspace a safe, healthy and productive environment – especially for our children and youth.

The publication is available at the ITU Website:

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