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June–July 2016, Geneva, Switzerland

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WSIS Forum 2017

WSIS Forum 2017

The world’s largest annual gathering of the ICT for development (ICT4D) community, the WSIS Forum is a unique global platform and an integral part of the ongoing WSIS Process. Providing equitable and affordable access to ICTs – especially in the developing world and to marginalized communities – is essential to achieving a truly inclusive digital economy. WSIS is where the real work of ICT4D is done, bringing together multi-stakeholder groups from all over the world to share best practices and create collaborative partnerships.

The forum is hosted by ITU together with co-organizers UNESCO, UNCTAD and UNDP in close collaboration with the UN and sister agencies including WIPO, UNDESA, FAO, UNEP, WHO, ILO, WMO, ITC, UPU, UN Women, WFP, UNODC and the UN Regional Commission.

WSIS Forum 2017 will be held from 12–16 June 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. The dates and phase structure of the Open Consultation Process will be announced soon.

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WSIS Fund in Trust — Call for Contributions 2017

Since its creation, stakeholders have valued, supported, and contributed generously to the WSIS Fund in Trust and have been reflected on this—the dedicated website of the WSIS Fund in Trust.

The WSIS Trust Fund offers the opportunity to all Member States, Sector Members and Associates to make voluntary contributions to a special trust fund set up by ITU to support activities related to the implementation of the WSIS outcomes.

We would like to encourage all WSIS stakeholders to make a contribution for the year 2017. Your financial contribution will help accelerate the implementation of the WSIS-related activities undertaken by WSIS. In this regard, with the goal to evolve and adapt to the future needs of the Information and Knowledge Societies and WSIS process beyond 2015, we would like to invite all stakeholders to partner with the WSIS Forum 2017.

Call for WSIS Forum 2016 Partnership Opportunities is available on WSIS Fund Trust website and Official Calls in all 6 UN languages are listed, including the Opportunity Packages (see links below for ease of reference). Please note that additional partnership offers and customized packages are available upon request. For more information contact us:

Official Letter: [AR] [EN] [ES] [FR] [RU] [ZH]

WSIS Forum 2016 Partnership Packages [EN]

For more information about WSIS Forum 2017 Partnership Packages please visit:

WSIS Forum 2016 Outcomes Documents

High-Level Track Outcomes

Forum Track Outcomes

WSIS Action Lines Supporting Implementation of the SDGs (2016)

WSIS-SDG Matrix (WSIS Forum 2016 Outcomes)

WSIS Forum 2016 and SDG Matrix

WSIS Stocktaking Report 2016

WSIS Stocktaking:
Success Stories 2016

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WSIS Stocktaking Process: an efficient mechanism for sharing best practices towards advancing development goals

WSIS Stocktaking

WSIS Stocktaking Process: an efficient mechanism for sharing best practices towards advancing development goals

Call for WSIS Stocktaking is a year-round call and all Stakeholders are invited to submit entries at any time, to continue sharing best practices on the WSIS Stocktaking Platform and emphasize how ICT-related initiatives and projects are enabling SDGs.

The New Call for the WSIS Stocktaking Report 2017 will be launched in Fall 2016! Submitted activities will be reflected in the WSIS Stocktaking Report 2017 which will be released at WSIS Forum 2017 (12-16 June 2017). The deadline for submission will be 1 March 2017. We invite all to continue following WSIS Flash and WSIS social media channels, and contribute to WSIS Stocktaking process.

With another successful year behind, the WSIS Stocktaking Platform continues to serve as a key global repository for collecting and reporting on ICT-related projects which implement the WSIS Outcomes. Since 2004, WSIS Stocktaking Reports have reviewed more than 8,000 activities from around the world carried out by international organizations, governments, the private sector, civil society and other stakeholders. We are pleased to note that the WSIS Stocktaking community now comprises of close to 200,000 stakeholders.

The outcome document of the UNGA High-level Meeting on the overall review of the implementation of the outcomes of WSIS recognized the importance of reporting and sharing of best practices for the implementation of WSIS outcomes by all stakeholders beyond 2015, recognizing the WSIS Forum as a key platform for doing it. In this context the WSIS Stocktaking process plays a strategic role in supporting WSIS Forum in its endeavour.

WSIS Overall Review called for close alignment between the WSIS process and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, highlighting the crosscutting contribution of ICTs to the Sustainable Development Goals. WSIS Stocktaking evolves into the unique global process for collection of information on actions carried out in context of WSIS, while underlining their contribution to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

WSIS Stocktaking 2016 Regional Reporting

RegionalReportsThe principal role of the WSIS Stocktaking exercise (§ 120, Tunis Agenda) is to leverage the activities of stakeholders working on the implementation of WSIS outcomes and share knowledge and experience of projects by replicating successful models. In this context, WSIS Stocktaking process provides a portal of best practices for stakeholders seeking updated information on the progress of implementation of WSIS outcomes (see Geneva Plan of Action, §28.e). WSIS Stocktaking Reporting is regular reporting on WSIS related activities that is based on the multi-stakeholder approach including input from stakeholders from all over the world as well as the input from facilitators and co-facilitators.

StocktakingReport2016During the WSIS Forum 2016, while noting and appreciating the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) resolution 2015/26 "Assessment of the progress made in the implementation of - and follow up to the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society", that reiterates the importance of sharing best practices at the global level, WSIS Stakeholders have expressed a need for customized regional reports. Therefore, the WSIS Stocktaking Regional Reports for the period 2014-2016 are being prepared.

These reports will serve to provide examples of activities related to the implementation of WSIS outcomes in particular regions of interest and to enrich discussions related to WSIS Stocktaking Process and SDGs. The reports will be based on the contributions to the WSIS Stocktaking Platform and they will be open for comments or additional inputs to be submitted through the online platform.

SuccessStories2016Following the WSIS Action Lines - SDGs Matrix that displays direct linkages between the WSIS Action lines and SDGs, a booklet on Advancing Sustainable Development through Information and Communication Technologies: WSIS Action Lines Enabling SDGs, was produced. This booklet contains projects submitted through the WSIS Stocktaking Process reflecting the impact of ICT projects in advancing the SDGs.

Continuing the collection of projects reflecting the linkages between WSIS Action Lines and SDGs, the WSIS Stocktaking 2016 Regional Reports will showcase the impact these projects have on the ground at the regional level.

WSIS Prizes 2016: Overview and Follow Up

WSIS Prizes

On 3 May 2016 during WSIS Prize 2016 Ceremony at the WSIS Forum 2016 held in Geneva, Switzerland, WSIS community recognized 18 winners from around the world for achievements in promoting a more inclusive Information Society.

The WSIS Prizes 2016 contest provides a platform to identify and showcase success stories across the 11 WSIS Action Lines defined in the Geneva Plan of Action.

The awards are conferred through an open online voting process, which this year engaged over 245,000 stakeholders from around the world. A total of 311 projects were nominated for the 2016 contest, a significant increase on the number of nominated submissions in 2015, reflecting both the prestigious nature of the award and the growing importance of ICTs in national development strategies.

WSIS Prize 2016 Winners

WSIS Prizes 2016 Winners
WSIS Prizes 2016 Winners

WSIS Prize 2016 Champions

An innovation in the WSIS Prizes contest this year is the nomination of 70 ‘WSIS Prize Champions’. This new award category recognizes outstanding projects that were among the most-voted entries and which also received the best reviews by the members of the Expert Group. Champion projects were celebrated at a special event held on Wednesday 4 May entitled: Implementing Best Practices and Addressing Challenges: Meet the Winners and Champions.

WSIS Prizes 2016 Champions Session

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High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

HLPF 2016

WSIS Contribution to the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF)

WSIS Forum inputs have been reflected on the website of the HLPF.

Register now for Special UN event on ICTs and Sustainable Development

A special side event featuring private and public sector experts will be held during the High Level Policy Forum (HLPF) in New York on 15 July 2016. This special side event will focus on how the spread of information and communication technology (ICT) and global interconnectedness has the potential to accelerate human progress, to bridge the digital divide and to develop knowledge societies, especially when working in tandem with scientific and technological innovations across areas as diverse as medicine and energy. Read more.

Download executive summary of new GeSI report

New Report by GeSI on How Digital Solutions will Drive Progress Towards the Sustainable Development Goals has been released recently. Download executive summary here.

For additional Information please visit:

Find out how you can enter the ITU Telecom World Awards


You’re using ICTs innovatively to change the world for the better. You’re working in a vertical sector such as e-government, e-health, e-education, disaster prevention or communications. That's great.

Winning an ITU Telecom World Award offers you United Nations recognition as an ICT4D, global visibility, access to networking and resources to take your innovation to scale and magnify its impact. That’s even better.

Here's how you can benefit by taking part:

  • UN recognition as an innovative ICT solutions provider

  • Valuable international exposure and increased credibility

  • Direct access to potential public and private sector partners, customers and investors

  • Unique networking opportunities with government and industry leaders

  • Expert insight and understanding of critical ICT industry issues

  • Knowledge exchange sharing best practices, ideas, and solutions

Find out more on how to take part in ITU Telecom World 2016, the global tech event for governments, corporate and SMEs, or contact us directly.

TEDxGeneva 2016: New Videos are out!

TEDxGeneva New Horizons

While exploring new horizons towards sustainable development, it’s in our common interest to leave no one behind. This was the tagline at the recently held TEDxGeneva event on 3 May 2016 in Geneva. Speakers shared their ideas worth spreading, harnessing transformational Technologies, inspiring Entertainment concepts and ground-breaking Design (the TED spirit) – to help realize the dream of a fully inclusive society. This independently organized TEDxGeneva event, was supported by ITU, WSIS partners and, opening our eyes to tomorrow’s potential.

TEDxGeneva New Horizons Speakers

Please, check out the newly launched videos from this exciting event at TEDxGeneva website

Less than a month to go to nominate for ITU/UN Women GEM-TECH Awards

GEM-TECH Awards 2016

There is less than one month to go to nominate for ITU/UN Women GEM-TECH Awards!

The only international prizes of their kind, the GEM-TECH Awards celebrate personal or organizational achievements and innovative strategies to advance Gender Equality and Mainstreaming in the area of ICTs. This year, the GEM-TECH Awards will take place at ITU Telecom World in Bangkok, Thailand November 14-17.

Online nominations are open until 31 July, and span three categories:

  1. Applying Technology for Women's Empowerment and Digital Inclusion

  2. Promoting Women in the Technology Sector

  3. Developing Gender-Responsive ICT Governance

For more information, visit:  

Join the #GEMTechAwards conversation on Twitter, or go to last year’s site to re-live the excitement of the 2015 GEM-TECH Awards!

Please send any questions to:

ITU CWG-Internet launches open consultation on “building an enabling environment for access to the internet”


ITU’s Council Working Group on international Internet-related public policy issues (CWG-Internet) has launched an open consultation- both online and physical- on the following topic:

Building an enabling environment for access to the Internet

  1. What are the elements of an enabling environment to promote Internet connectivity?

  2. What are the elements of an enabling environment to promote an affordable Internet?

  3. What are the elements of an enabling environment to promote the quality of access to the Internet?

  4. What are the elements of an enabling environment to build confidence and security in the use of the Internet?

  5. What is the role of Governments in building an enabling environment?”

You are invited to submit your views to the online open consultation by 11 September 2016, through the following link:, where you can also find important information and instructions on the submission process.

This online open consultation will be followed by a physical open consultation meeting to be held on 11 October 2016 at the ITU Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. During this physical meeting, respondents to the online consultation will have the opportunity to present their submitted views and to have a fruitful discussion with the other participants, including members of the CWG-Internet.

For further details on the physical meeting you are advised to visit regularly the following webpage:

For more information on the work of the CWG-Internet, please visit the ITU website:

Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium

Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium
Embracing Capacity Building Opportunities in the Digital Era
6 to 8 September 2016
Pre-events on 5 September
Nairobi, Kenya

The ITU Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium (CBS) is the main global event for capacity development in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). The Symposium brings together stakeholders from across the world to discuss trends and developments in the sector and their implications for human and institutional capacity building. CBS initially focused only on matters related to human resources and thus was targeted mainly to human resources practitioners. It has since broadened its scope to embrace human and institutional capacity building, drawing on a global network of expertise from different regions and stakeholders.

CBS-2016 will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 6 to 8 September 2016. The Symposium is being organised by the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and hosted by the Communications Authority of Kenya, under the theme “Embracing Capacity Building Opportunities in the Digital Era”.

Global leaders have adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as successor to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals are to be achieved at a time of major digital technology transformation that will impact the way people live and societies operate. Emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly becoming a reality. The advent of smart cities and smart societies, as well as the growth of big data, require different sets of knowledge and skills across all sections of society.

Governments, industry, universities and other higher education institutions need to invest in, and develop a range of ICT skills at various levels of immersion, which will not only enable increased participation in the economy, but will ensure the creation of digital citizens for a digital society.

For more information on the Capacity Building Symposium, please visit the event website.

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