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July 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

Message from the WSIS Team

Dear WSIS Stakeholders,

Greetings from the WSIS Team from sunny Geneva! Geneva, in the Summer is beautiful, the gardens are a riot of colours with beautiful flowers and is buzzing with outdoor activities.

This WSIS Flash brings you several updates on WSIS related activities and events. It highlights the WSIS Forum 2012 Outcome Document that captures the summaries of all the sessions held during the forum and provides a direction for the vision beyond 2015. The session summaries provide a particular focus and emphasis to the WSIS +10 review process. This document also identifies the main emerging trends for a range of activities covering each Action Line, thereby providing a vision beyond 2015.

WSIS Stocktaking has announced its call for updates and new entries. All WSIS stakeholders are invited to update their entries and to add new information to the WSIS Stocktaking public database. The entries received will be included in the WSIS Stocktaking reporting. It is important to share your projects with us and the global WSIS Stakeholder community. This gives an opportunity to lean and share from the different WSIS related projects being implemented all across the world.

We are in the process of finalizing the WSIS Forum 2013 website. We would love to hear from you about your experiences, please send us your testimonials capturing your experience of the WSIS Forum with your photograph here. We also encourage you to share your project’s photographs/videos here, high resolution photographs/videos of your projects should be sent to and be accompanied with a short message from a person who has benefitted from the project. For large or multiple files we recommend the use a file sharing service.

We look forward to receiving your testimonials, photographs and videos!

Best wishes,

WSIS Forum 2012

WSIS Forum 2012 Outcome Document - Identifying Emerging Trends and a Vision Beyond 2015

Session Recordings & Documents  •  Videos  •  Photographs

The WSIS Forum 2012 resulted in an Outcome Document that was presented on the last day of the forum. The WSIS Forum 2012 Outcome Document not only provides a summary of all the sessions held during the forum but also captures the outcomes and the way forward. The session summaries provide a particular focus and emphasis to the WSIS +10 review process. This document also captures the aspect of emerging trends and identifies the main emerging trends for a range of activities covering each Action line, thereby providing a vision beyond 2015.

This year the Forum attracted more than 1300 WSIS Stakeholders from more than 140 countries. Several high-level representatives of the wider WSIS Stakeholder community graced the Forum with more than 30 ministers, 44 deputies, 30 ambassadors, 17 CEOs and civil society leaders contributing passionately towards the programme of the Forum. Among the participants, there were members of parliament, as well as representatives of the private sectors and civil society. On –site participation increased tremendously during the WSIS Forum 2012. A total of 1220 badges were issued.

Representation of WSIS Stakeholders

There was a variety of stakeholders from different sectors ranging from governments, international organizations, NGOs, private sector and university/academia.

The graph below represents the different categories of stakeholders.


Regional Distribution

More than 140 countries from different regions attended this year’s forum, with the highest number of representatives coming from Western Europe.



This year’s forum had 818 male participants and 404 female participants.


Several sessions focused on the importance of Women and Girls in ICTs, some of the sessions were:

  • Thematic workshop on Girls in ICT Day 2012 Showcase (ITU)
  • High level Dialogue on Women and Girls in ICT –This session focused on the theme of this year’s World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, ‘Women and Girls in ICT’ and highlighted the role technology can play in empowering women worldwide
  • World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) – “Women and Girls in ICT”

Remote Participation

More than 1000 participants followed and contributed to the event by way of Adobe connect virtual rooms, webcast and social networks. 288 Remote Participants, representing 61 different countries contributed actively to the discussions during the WSIS Forum.

The total Carbon Savings by integrating the component of Remote Participation was estimated as 28,6890.58 kg/CO1 and the total cost savings in money were US$ 466,032.

For detailed session outcomes and summaries please refer to the WSIS Forum 2012 outcome document available here.

For more information please visit

WSIS Stocktaking

WSIS Stocktaking Call for Update and New Entries 2012!

All WSIS stakeholders are invited to update their entries and to add new information to the WSIS Stocktaking public database. The entries received in response to the 2012 call for update and new entries will be included to the regular WSIS Stocktaking reporting 2013.

Call for Update and New Entries Letter: [AR]  [EN]  [ES]  [FR]  [RU]  [ZH]

Deadline: 31st January 2013

You are kindly invited to submit entries here.

WSIS Project Prizes 2013

In 2012, the contest was organized for the first time and it was appreciated by diverse stakeholders that encouraged this initiative to continue in 2013 with the same open approach allowing all stakeholders to participate in this transparent contest.

ECOSOC resolution 2012/5 “Assessment of the progress made in the implementation of and follow-up to the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society” reiterates the importance of sharing the best practices at the global level, and while recognizing excellence in the implementation of the projects and initiatives which further the WSIS goals, encourages all stakeholders to nominate their projects to the annual WSIS Project Prizes, as an integral part of the WSIS Stocktaking process, while noting the report on the WSIS Success Stories..

The upcoming contest will start on 3rd of September.

For more information please visit

United Nations Group on the Information Society


UN Group on the Information Society side event
2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
Sunday, 17 June 2012 – 17h30 to 19h00 - Room P3-6 at RioCentro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The side event “ICTs: the foundation of our sustainable future” looked at specific ICT applications and services that can assist in the transition towards a green economy, focusing on the key role that policies, regulations and international standards, play to allow for the uptake of ICT applications.

For more information please visit

Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development

The 10th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Meeting (WTIM) will take place from 25-27 September, 2012, in Bangkok, Thailand. The WTIM is organized by the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The ITU is an active member of the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development and is currently the chair of the Partnership’s Steering Committee. The WTIM will be hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) of Thailand.

The WTIM 2012 will address, among others, the following topics:

The WTIM, open to all the membership, is primarily targeted at those responsible for ICT statistics in relevant Ministries, regulatory agencies, telecommunication operating companies and national statistical offices. Experts interested in the subject of information society measurements are also welcome to attend the meeting.

For more information on the WTIM, please visit

Global ICT Forum on ICT Human Capacity Development

Global HCB Forum in Cape Town, South Africa, 22-25 October 2012

The Forum is kindly hosted by the Department of Communications, in collaboration with the Telkom Centre for Learning, and the National e-Skills Initiative of South Africa. It will be held at the Cape Town International Conference Centre.

The theme of this year’s event is “Digital Inclusion: Preparing Human Capital for the Knowledge Based Economy.” The objective of the Forum is to discuss the capacity building challenges of transitioning to digital broadcasting and address how these challenges can be met. It will also highlight the huge opportunities of a digital economy and how this can be a source of empowerment for people. Within the sphere of capacity building, it will explore the learning opportunities available through mobile based platforms and devices, and how these can transform the way we access information and learning and can narrow the existing information gap. The Forum will be an opportunity for countries and organisations to showcase initiatives undertaken in this regard, such as the e-Skills initiative in South Africa, and the m-Powering Initiative being launched by the Director of the BDT within ITU.

Some of the key topics to be discussed at the Forum include, inter alia:

  • Broadcasting trends and the necessity of transitioning to digital broadcasting.
  • Policy, regulatory and technical challenges of the transition to digital broadcasting.
  • Human Capital development in an m-environment: multi-sector perspectives.
  • Leveraging Learning and development through mobile based devices.
  • Social development and building ICT literacy.
  • Country case studies on the transition roadmap.
  • Country policies and experiences with e-skills initiatives.
  • Developing leadership for knowledge based economy.
  • Readiness of higher learning institutions for a digital society.

Documentation regarding the draft agenda, registration, call for papers and fellowships requests can be found on the website of the event at

ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference 2013

“Building Sustainable Communities”, Kyoto, Japan, 22-24 April 2013

In its fifth year, the ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference 2013 Building Sustainable Communities, will take place at Kyoto University, Japan, 22-24 April 2013. The Call for Papers has been issued and the deadline is 10 September 2012. K-13 will highlight multidisciplinary aspects of future ICTs including future services and applications demand as well as socio-economic, cultural, ethical, legal, and sustainable development policy aspects of communities of the future. A prize fund totaling $10,000 will be awarded to the three best papers. The winning papers will be featured in a future special edition of IEEE Communications Magazine, with all papers available from the IEEE Xplore online catalogue. Young Author Recognition certificates will be also issued.

For sponsorship opportunities please contact us at

WSIS Fund in Trust

Call for Contributions 2012-2013

Letter: [AR]  [EN]  [ES]  [FR]  [RU]  [ZH]


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The Connect Americas Summit has been very successful, bringing together over 650 participants from 36 countries, including 7 Heads of State or Government, 16 Ministers and Vice-Ministers, 48 international and regional organizations and 158 private sector companies and other stakeholders. 82 projects value at 53.4 billion US Dollars markets opportunities where presented. 10 announcements of partnership were made on the spot.

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