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99.pngMessage from the WSIS Team
Dear WSIS Stakeholders,

This WSIS Flash displays enhanced partnerships and commitment of Action Line focal points in the WSIS Process. We invite Michael Riggs, Focal Point of Action Line C7: ICT Applications - e-agriculture, as the guest editor of the December issue of the WSIS Flash. We look forward to continuing all partnerships with strong commitment and vigour next year!

Wish you Seasons Greetings and a very Happy New Year!
99.pngGuest Editor: FAO - Focal Point for Action Line C7

It is indeed a great pleasure to be the guest editor of the WSIS Flash! WSIS Flash is an excellent medium to update, learn, share and exchange information about projects and activities relevant to the WSIS Process. The WSIS Forum 2011: Preparatory Meeting held on the 23rd November was a good platform to initiate discussions on the WSIS Forum 2011 and for each focal point to update stakeholders present both in Geneva and through the remote participation facilities. As a follow up, I would like to update all Stakeholders on our most recent activity.

I am happy to announce that the e-Agriculture Community is launching a totally new online platform today, 16 December 2010. The launch is in conjunction with the ICTD2010 conference, where a special half day session on enhancing the impact of ICT in rural development has been organized by FAO and other partners in the e-Agriculture Community.

After three years of exciting growth, collaboration and knowledge sharing around ICT for rural development, I am certain that this new platform will keep pace with the needs of the e-Agriculture Community for the next several years. This platform is the result of the Community's suggestions and input, the combined effort of many individuals, and takes advantage of appropriate new tools including Drupal and social media applications. The result is not only a new website, but a new way for the Community to interact, collaborate, share experiences, and expand our collective understanding of key issues in the ICT4D field.

The e-Agriculture platform is also a partner of the WSIS Stocktaking Platform that helps in expanding the outreach for exchanging information, ideas, and resources related to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for sustainable agriculture and rural development. We hope that several discussions will feed into the WSIS Forum in 2011.

Michael Riggs
WSIS follow-up focal point for e-agriculture Knowledge and Information Management Officer e-Agriculture Community Lead Facilitator Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

99.pngWSIS Forum

forum2.pngForum 2011

We have received over 100 submissions on the Thematic Aspects and New Innovative Format of the WSIS Forum 2011. An overview of submitted contributions received as of the 15th December 2010 is available here .

Please note that upon request from several WSIS Stakeholders we have extended the deadline for submission till the 15th of January, those of you who have not submitted your comments please do using the online form.

The WSIS Forum 2011 Preparatory Meeting was held on the 23rd of November, from 14:30 - 18:00, Room No. 4, CICG, Geneva. More than 50 people attended the meeting onsite and a total of 53 Remote Participants were registered, Remote Delegates: 10 Remote Observers: 43. We thank all WSIS Stakeholders for their active and enthusiastic participation. A glimpse of the core submissions made by the participants present is available here.

Please note that this document only highlights the core submissions made on the Thematic Aspects and new Innovative Format for WSIS Forum 2011.

prepmeeting1.png prepmeeting2.png

All  documents relevant to the meeting are available here.

99.pngWSIS Stocktaking Platform
stocktaking2.pngThe WSIS Stocktaking Platform provides a large database consisting of  an estimated 4927 projects and 1876 members. The WSIS Stocktaking platform offers a global events calendar, global repository, blogs, online communities, online forums, interactive online interviews, implementation case studies, country case studies, an embeddable interface and the WSIS Lab.

Video Tutorials: Please take a moment to view Video Tutorials that provide information on the different functionalities of the WSIS Stocktaking Platform.

WSIS Stocktaking: Call for Update and New Entries

We would like to thank all stakeholders for the active participation in the WSIS Stocktaking process by submitting new entries describing the activities being undertaken. The deadline for the submissions was 15 December 2010  and the number of submitted entries since October is more than 150.

wsisonlineforum.gifWSIS Stocktaking Online Forum

In November/December, the Online Forum continue to have the following ongoing discussions:

There are several new discussions that were initiated in November/December

Contribute or follow the online Forum at

wsisinterviews.gifWSIS Interviews

As part of the WSIS Network activities, lastly the WSIS stocktaking platform conducted the following  interviews online: Research ICT Africa.Net, 17 November 2010 HUB: Health UnBound, 30 November 2010 In addition,  WSIS team conducted the live interview with ITA, The Sultanate of Oman. Please, click here to watch the video.

wsisblogs.gifWSIS Stocktaking Blog

Provides a virtual space to exchange ideas and articles describing activities of stakeholders within the framework of WSIS. This blog provides you with the opportunity to collaborate electronically, build virtual networks of discussions and increase visibility of your activities. For the best use of information, blog functionalities such as comments and ratings are available for you. Everyone is welcome to submit their comments for the articles. The information may be submitted directly to the blog or to

In November-December, the following articles were submitted to WSIS Stocktaking Blog. 

wsislab.gifWSIS Lab

Collaborative space on broadband presented new articles that focused on the broadband strategies. By 2010 some countries around the world adopted or planned to introduce the national broadband plans. What type of intervention governments should take to promote and facilitate the deployment of broadband infrastructure – for these and other questions, please search The updated WSIS Lab website is available with a new logo type and the summary of the outcomes. WSIS lab team invites all users to share relevant research.

99.pngPartnership on Measuring ICT for Development

partnership.pngThe Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development is an international, multi-stakeholder initiative to improve the availability and quality of ICT data and indicators, particularly in developing countries. Launched in 2004, the Partnership helps measure the information society by: 

  • Defining a core list of ICT indicators  and methodologies to collect these indicators;
  • Helping developing countries collect ICT statistics, particularly through capacity-building and hands-on training for national statistical offices;
  • Collecting and disseminating information society statistics in a number of formats, including a global report and database. 

Download the Partnership information brochure.  

8th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators MeetingThe 8th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland on the 24-26 November 2010.

99.pngUnited Nations Group on the Information Society
ungis.pngUNGIS Chairs and Vice Chairs are preparing and coordinating for a possible UNGIS side event during the Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries to be held from the 30th May to 3 June in Turkey.

repository.pngGlobal Repository

Recently Submitted Publications

  • European Parliament, Report of the Workshop on Technological Options for Capturing and Reporting Parliamentary Proceedings, 2010
  • Information Technology Authority, Information Technology Authority Annual Report 2009
  • UNDESA and IPU, World e-Parliament Report 2010, 2010
  • Korea Communication Commission, Green Communications Promotion Plan of Republic of Korea, 2010

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    calendar.pngGlobal Events Calendar 

    Recent and Upcoming Events
    • Online EDUCA BERLIN 2010,
      1-3 December 2010.
    • mHealth Africa Summit- The Promise of mHealth in Africa,
      2-3 December 2010.
      3-4 December 2010.
    • Healthcare IT Exchange,
      5-7 December 2010.
    • World Radiocommunication Seminar 2010 (WRS-10),
      6-10 December 2010.
    • 3rd Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research,
      7-8 December 2010.
    • Open consultations on enhanced cooperation on international public policy issues pertaining to the Internet,
      14 December 2010.

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    From Our Partners

    The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations Logo
    CoNGO is one of the official focal points of the Civil Society for the WSIS Process
    "CoNGO will offer the richness and expertise of more than 600 Civil Society members to the WSIS Process."
    Liberato C. Bautista, CoNGO President

    International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development Logo
    International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development

    ITU News Logo
    ITU News – Latest Issue

    ITU Statshot Logo
    ITU Statshot

    Video Volunteers Announces 'IndiaUnheard' - The World's First Community News Service: Making Change By Bringing Untold Stories from the Farthest Villages of India to Impact a Global Audience
    A network of people from slums and villages in India who have been trained to make video news reports on corruption, human rights, health, sanitation and other issues, IndiaUnheard is making an impact in these villages and across the globe. “Community Correspondents report on human rights violations they live through, and this gives their videos new perspective and power". The work has inspired thousands of poor people to organize and take actions.


    Child Online Protection taken to new level - President of Costa Rica and ITU Secretary-General announce action phase for initiative.

    COPOn 17 November 2010, the Child Online Protection (COP) Global Initiative was launched in San José, by the ITU Secretary-General, Hamadoun Touré, together with the new Patron of COP, H.E. Laura Chinchilla, President of Costa Rica. The COP Global Initiative aims to shift COP Guidelines, developed by ITU and partners from industry, civil society, governments, UN agencies and other stakeholders, into concrete activities by leveraging the active support from COP members. Through this COP Global Initiative, ITU is taking the next steps to develop a cybersecurity strategy for child online safety, in order to deliver significant national benefits by creating a more secure and safer online experience for children worldwide. Full Story

    ITU Academy

    ITU AcademyAimed at integrating and providing education, training and information resources on ICTs, ITU Academy provides an integrated and streamlined approach to the ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau’s (BDT) capacity building activities. ITU Academy’s inaugural October 2010 newsletter highlights joint training activities conducted with the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) and with Inveneo. One such example of an ITU/ITSO training session may be found here.  The newsletter also, in its topic spotlight, discusses Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) and how you can find related materials and resources on the ITU Academy portal.

    "B more" campaign!

    BMoreJoin "B more" campaign! Help us meet the Millennium Development Goals. Help us promote the benefits of broadband. Help us B more.

    Case Studies

    • ITU/UPU (Book, 2010), ICTs, new services and transformation of the post (including a series of separate case studies for Buthan, Bostwana, Brazil, Korea, Russian Federation, Sauri Arabia)

    • ITU (2010), Satellite Connectivity to Remote Areas and E-Services for Development: Initiatives through Post Office Telekiosks in Buthan

    • ITU (2010), ICTs Communicty Access and Development: Case Studies from Six Developing Countries (Mali, Bhutan, Honduras, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Tanzania)

    • Innovative ways of appropriating mobile telephony in Africa (2010)  

    HUB: HealthUnBound

    HUBmHealth Alliance has worked with key partners around the globe to launch HUB: HealthUnBound, an online forum for consensus and sharing in this

    The HUB brings together public health practitioners, policy-makers, technologists, and business leaders to build stronger health systems, driven by the needs and action of members.

    HUB is the place to promote applications ( and methodologies that work, and to establish agreement on ways to integrate mHealth into Health Information Systems.

    HUB is the premier repository for what is happening in mHealth and eHealth. We welcome your participation. We would be delighted to hold workshops with key stakeholders.

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