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Special Issue: April 2013, Geneva, Switzerland


WSIS Forum 2013

WSIS Forum 2013 Open Consultation Process

Final Brief Meeting

16 April 2013, 15h00-18h00, Room H, ITU, Geneva

The final brief meeting of the Open Consultation Process on the Thematic Aspects and New Innovative Format of the WSIS Forum 2013 will be held on 16 April 2013 at the ITU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland. Remote Participation will be made available for this meeting.

Registration and Participation

Links to the Adobe Connect Meeting room and Webcast page will be made available on the meeting page on the day of the meeting.

Meeting Documents

The open consultation process aims at ensuring the participatory and inclusive spirit of the WSIS Forum 2013, scheduled to be held from 13 to 17 May 2013 in Geneva, by actively engaging governments, civil society, the private sector and intergovernmental organizations in the preparatory process.

wsis forum 2013

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icon WSIS Forum 2013: Open Consultation Process

 • Final Brief Meeting, 16 April 2013, 15h00-18h00, ITU, Geneva 

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The WSIS Stocktaking Report 2013 will be released at the WSIS Forum 2013

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WSIS Forum 2013

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WSIS Forum 2013 - Identifying Emerging Trends and Innovation in the ICT Ecosystem.


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WSIS Fund in Trust

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