Friday, April 26, 2019


“We have been using the WSIS database since June 2009. We have found the database to be very informative and easily accessed. The questionnaire is structured in an easy and friendly way, and the categories are relevant and self explanatory. The WSIS database has helped us (Information Technology Authority-ITA), as the IT Authority of the country, to promote our initiatives and ICT related projects. We were very pleased that some of our uploaded topics were highlighted in the previous WSIS stocktaking report, and we hope to maintain that standing in future reports.”



Nasser Masaaod Al Khayari, Statistician

Int'l Relation & Information Dept/Information & Awareness Division

Information Technology Authority

Sultanate of Oman



“ICT emerges as vital tool for development, leading e-Government to become a global phenomenon in which no country wants to be left behind. Consequently sharing practices, challenges, opportunities and achievements among governments and countries proves to be a significant and critical factor for development. Hence, MSAD considers it’s participation in the WSIS stocktaking database as an opportunity to communicate vision, practices and achievements as well as to get benefits from others. The WSIS stocktaking portal is representing an ideal platform to share practices, as it shows great relevance, consistence, explanatory and evidence-based data, in addition to the ITU being reliable source. Moreover, the analytical approach used in aligning the activities to the WSIS action lines and MDGs adds more usability and usefulness of the availed data, while contributes to better categorization and classification of practices.”



Maryham Anwar, Technical Research Officer

Technical Research Unit

Ministry of State for Administrative Development

Cairo, Egypt



“As stated by the panelists at the outset, the WSIS Stocktaking Session provided an excellent opportunity for participants to share their experiences and promote their projects with those physically present in the room as well as remote participants as far away as Kenya and Kazakhstan, with seamless interactivity between the two audiences.”



Gary Lebowitz, Founder

“The WSIS Stocktaking and the WSIS Forum is important for me for sundry reasons. The WSIS Stocktaking provides and incredibly great opportunity for my project and activities carried out in Sierra Leone to gain visibility to the rest of the information society. My project and my aspirations to harness the power of ICT to help transform the lives of the marginalized will not be restricted to a national audience, but through the WSIS Stocktaking and WSIS Forum, it will be showcased to an international audience. This will allow the public to access the information about my Digital Hope Project and how my intervention in the use and provision of ICT projects and initiatives makes a difference in the lives of thousands of disabled people especially those amputated by war.

The fact that my idea is in the WSIS Stocktaking and database, with many more such ideas, the fact that the WSIS Stocktaking can help me to discuss my ideas is so important.”


Andrew Benson Greene, Founder and CEO

B-Gifted Foundation in Sierra Leone


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