Friday, April 26, 2019
Frequently Asked Questions


1) How can I become a member of the new WSIS Stocktaking Platform?

You have to complete the registration process. Please, click register in the top right corner of the entrance page and complete the required data. Membership to this portal is Private. Once your account information has been submitted, the portal Administrator will be notified and your application will be subjected to a screening procedure. If your application is authorized, you will receive notification of your access to the portal environment. 

2) Can I access the new WSIS Stocktaking Platform with my old ITU Stocktaking Personal User Account?  

Old accounts used to update entries in the wsis stocktaking database are currently not linked to user account in the new WSIS Stocktaking Platform. We are working on a single authentication system which will be announced in the near future and will link old accounts to the new Platform.

For the time being, we invite you to register one more time in order to use the new WSIS Stocktaking Platform. 

3) How can I submit new entries?

Go to the Database -> Submit Entries page  or simply use the quick link Submit New Entries in the entrance page. You can submit new entries via the online questionnaire, or by downloading the Word Version of Questionnaire and sending the filled in questionnaire to


4) How can I update my entries?

Go to the Database -> Update Entries page or simply use the quick link Update Entries in the entrance page. You will see the following window which requires an ITU Stocktaking Personal User Account (e-mail and password). Please be informed that you can update entries by using the email and password which were sent to you when you submitted your first entry to the WSIS Stocktaking database. Please see question 2 for more information.

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