Friday, May 29, 2020

Global Events Calendar

The WSIS Stocktaking Platform Global Events Calendar is a flexible and reliable source to track the events related to WSIS Implementation at international, regional and national levels. All stakeholders are invited to submit their events on the Events Calendar in order to get more visibility. Registered users can easily create and edit their events. The Events calendar serves as the tool to announce upcoming events and also to keep track of the history of events. To highlight an event, stakeholders are recommended to provide a brief description that includes the event's time, date, location, and other details. The events can be private (visible just for invited guests) or public, with option to manage an invitation list which contains members of the Platform. In the framework of the events calendar, the My Events Component serves as a summary of a member’s past, present and future events, allowing the member to update information as needed. In addition, an option to embed the Events Calendar on an external website is available.


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