http://www.saferinternet.org/image/image_gallery?uuid=ba7fcd56-b74e-4d06-8751-cbfe5de439f9&groupId=10145&t=1282918876749Following the Safer Internet Day, a few statistics realized by Eurostats have been released concerning the percentage of people that have been affected by a computer security issue in 2010, as well as how the situation with children and internet security looks like.


Some of the data can be found under:




And more under:



The main figures are:


·        “84% of internet users use IT security software for protection”

·        31% caught a computer infection (it is noticeable that the number is potentially higher regarding that this one includes only the one that have been detected and reported)

·        14% of parents use a parental control web filtering mechanism

What do you think of these figures? Would you want to highlight any other ones?


If you interested in this issue, please do have a look at the recent interview with Pia Lang conducted on February 8, 2011, in the light of the Safer Internet Day 2011.


Thanks for reading!

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