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C9. Media
C9. Media

C9. Media

Cultural and linguistic diversity, while stimulating respect for cultural identity, traditions and religions, is essential to the development of an Information Society based on the dialogue among cultures and regional and international cooperation. It is an important factor for sustainable development.

  1. Encourage the media - print and broadcast as well as new media - to continue to play an important role in the Information Society.

  2. Encourage the development of domestic legislation that guarantees the independence and plurality of the media.

  3. Take appropriate measures - consistent with freedom of expression - to combat illegal and harmful content in media content.

  4. Encourage media professionals in developed countries to establish partnerships and networks with the media in developing ones, especially in the field of training.

  5. Promote balanced and diverse portrayals of women and men by the media.

  6. Reduce international imbalances affecting the media, particularly as regards infrastructure, technical resources and the development of human skills, taking full advantage of ICT tools in this regard.

  7. Encourage traditional media to bridge the knowledge divide and to facilitate the flow of cultural content, particularly in rural areas.

Source: Geneva Plan of action

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