Monday, December 22, 2014

Legal Measures

Introduction on Legal Measures


Cyber criminals are an ever present menace in every country connected to the Internet.
Organized crime has been on the rise because the Internet has proved a low risk, lucrative business arena. This is due to the fact that loopholes in national and regional legislation still remain, making it difficult to effectively track down criminals.

The main problem is the lack of international harmonization regarding cybercrime legislation. Investigation and prosecution are difficult if the categorization of crimes differs from country to country. The Internet is an international communication tool and, consequently, any solution to secure it must be sought at the global level.

The adoption by all countries of appropriate legislation against the misuse of ICTs for criminal or other purposes, including activities intended to affect the integrity of national critical information infrastructures, is central to achieving global cybersecurity.
Since threats can originate anywhere around the globe, the challenges are inherently international in scope and require international cooperation, investigative assistance, and common substantive and procedural provisions.
Thus, it is important that countries harmonize their legal frameworks to combat cybercrime and facilitate international cooperation.

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