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Introduction on Governments


Achieving cybersecurity depends on the security practices of each and every networked country, business, and citizen.
Countries’ overall cybersecurity readiness and governments’ cybersecurity-related policies and procedures are clearly at different stages of development and implementation.

Each nation’s government, with the involvement of its various agencies, must determine the level of cybersecurity risk that it is willing to accept and expose its citizens and businesses to. Ultimately it is the responsibility of each government to ensure that the country is ready and capable of protecting its own citizens and by doing so contribute the building a global culture of cybersecurity.

As a first step, cybersecurity needs to be based on national security policy. However, as the conditions for cybersecurity constantly change, the cybersecurity policy process must be flexible and adaptive. In addition, tailored information on security risks and remedies should be innovatively shared with small and medium enterprises and individual users.
Education is a key enabler!

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